What Questions to Ask in an Interview

Author: | Last Updated: 2 Mar 2022

Successfully getting through an interviewer’s questions is tough, and it can be a relief to hear them say “That’s all from me!”. An interview is also a chance to ask important questions about the job – a chance that could slip away when those questions aren’t prepared beforehand.

What questions should be asked in an interview, and why?

The Questions

These questions will demonstrate the candidate’s enthusiasm and listening and critical thinking skills to the interviewer, while also obtaining crucial information that will be beneficial to the candidate post-interview.


Could you clarify or expand on a certain point, such as: the company’s vision, plans, and strategies for growth, and how the open position would contribute to it?

While the tasks and responsibilities of the position should be apparent, this provides extra context and specifies the expectations of the company.


How or why did this position become available?

Gaining some insight into how the company views their staff is crucial, and an answer like ‘growing demand’ means the company is doing well.


What challenges could I expect of this role? or What challenges did the predecessor of this role experience?

This shapes the candidate’s expectations, and can be used to analyse how to work through the potential obstacles.


Could you walk me through a typical day for this position?

Having a good idea of the daily activities will help prepare the candidate for the role.


What does success look like for this position, and how is it measured?

Being aware of specific KPI goals that are expected is crucial, and also shows the candidate’s willingness to begin.


How would you describe the organizational culture, and what do you like about it?

Knowing how to interact with co-workers and what the interviewer enjoys most about the company is important insight to prepare for new professional relationships.


What do you think are the best parts of working in this position, or at this company?

These may include benefits of the role that haven’t been included in the application, and could point to characteristics of the company that make it worth staying long-term.


How should I best update management on my work progress and milestones?

By taking the work and communication style into consideration, the candidate will better adapt.


Are there training programs or opportunities for professional development within this position?

When looking to elevate career options, this is the perfect question to ask.


Can I answer any other questions for you about my qualifications or CV for the position?

This question be used to assess how viable the candidate may be. It can also be used to improve future CVs.



While there are many questions that could be asked of the interviewer, keep in mind the context of the interview and what information has already been provided. It is a good rule of thumb avoid questions that may put the interviewer on the spot, do not relate to the position and company, or seem repetitive.

These questions will give any interview candidate the right information to begin looking forward to a new position, and assess if the company is a good fit. They can also be tailored to the specifics of the application and the goals of the candidate.

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