What to do after Pest Control sprays

Author: | Last Updated: 15 Dec 2020

Once you just had your annual pest control done, you always find yourself wondering about what you should do next! This article will help you get to know which steps you should follow to see effective results.

Is it going to be flushed out immediately?

Most homeowners get disappointed after doing pest treatment. They expected that all the pests would disappear immediately. However, it takes at least six weeks to eradicate their pest problems. Here are the essential things to pay close attention to after your treatment.

Home cleaning

For best results, make sure to clean your house before and after the treatment. Before the treatment, you should mop your floors thoroughly to guarantee a successful performance. The clear surface is going to be great for binding the pests. After the treatment, it is not recommended to mop during the first three days. You can sweep or vacuum the floors without harsh scrubbing to preserve the perimeter-treated zone around the edges, skirting boards, and kick panels. The perimeter spray is designed to last approximately 30 to 90 days to achieve optimal protection.

Leave your home if needed

Most companies nowadays use odorless pesticides to apply to targeted areas only. It takes 25 to 30 minutes for the products to dry, and then you are good to go. However, if your company used strong chemicals that may negatively impact humans, you should stay somewhere else according to the technician’s recommended periods. Stay healthy and always listen to your company’s advice.

Do not disturb any treated areas

As the treatment will cause an increased pests activity in the first couple of weeks, you shouldn’t worry that things are getting worse. As we mentioned before, the treatment needs approximately six weeks to work. During this time, you will see cockroaches or ants on your kitchen counters and floors. Please do not spray anything on them or try to get rid of them. These pests are carrying the pesticides, and they are going back to their nests. Disrupting them means disrupting your treatment.

Throw away any food that was outside

Whether your company used organic or chemical products, it is always better to discard any uncovered food during the treatment. You may think that the spray does not reach some areas, but in fact, it covers almost everything, even the hard to reach corners.

Repair any cracks and leaks and block any entry points

Any leaks or breakage in taps or drainage pipes should be fixed immediately. You do not want a reinfestation to happen, so do not leave any cracks for pests to come back and hide in them. Also, make sure to close any possible entryways, like around your windows or doors. Keep checking to fill all the gaps that might allow any pests to enter your property.

These are the most common things to do after treatment to achieve the best results. Make sure to stay patient throughout the entire procedure. Don’t forget to consult your company if you want to make any intervention or have any inquiries. Remember, they know better than you, and they can help you without suspending your treatment.

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