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Description: With over 20 years of experience in excavations under our belt, we at Altek Excavation provide both commercial and residential excavation services in Melbourne. Besides, we use the latest tools and technologies to excavate an area. On top of that, our licensed and experienced excavators inspect the project site beforehand to study the soil and determine the equipment and methods that will be required to excavate the area safely. We are considered one of the best excavators in Melbourne and nearby suburbs as we carry out the excavations systematically. For this, however, we create a definitive plan Services We Provide We offer a plethora of services that include Excavation If custom excavation is what you seek, this service has everything you need. Be it for the residential or the commercial project that you wish to undertake, we will do it all. On top of that, we guarantee impeccable results since we use modern machinery. At the same time, our excavators take the necessary safety measures to prevent hazards. Civil Construction We specialise in civil construction. Therefore, if you need to excavate an area for road works, establishing drainage and storm waterworks, car parks or footpath pavements, get in touch with us to discuss your project. Basement Excavation To construct a basement for a residential or a commercial project, excavation is necessary. For that, we have skilled professionals who will understand your requirements and will excavate the area with accuracy. Excavation Machinery Hire Want to hire excavation machinery for a personal project? We provide that too. You can browse our set of advanced tools to choose the one that will meet your requirements. Also, we keep our machinery in well-maintained condition so that you get the best results. Why Choose Us Choose us since We are a company having more than 20 years of experience. Our professionals are skilled and proficient in all types of excavations We offer different types of excavation machinery for your convenience We offer competitive quotes So, to book any type of excavation project or to solve your queries, give us a call. For a quote, however, visit our website and fill in the details by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button and we will get back to you with it in a short duration.


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