Cannings Free Range Butchers

Address: Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: 1300 513 623

Description: Welcome to Cannings! This business was built from the ground up, fueled by my love of good food and my compassion for animal welfare. Since 2010, my philosophy has been embraced and supported by the local communities, for which I am ever grateful. Years on, the business has grown, and I’m incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of free range producers and a team of staff who represent my core values. My name is Sam Canning, and I look forward to providing you the finest free range produce Australia has to offer, for years to come. As butchers with a conscience, we take pride in delivering Australia's most high welfare produce. Guided by our code of ethics and informed sourcing process, we strive to create positive change in our field.


Category: Butcher