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Description: Dr Marc Saupin is “The Criminal Law Guy” and the firm’s Legal Practitioner Director. He has always practised as a Perth Criminal Defence Lawyer and never as a Prosecutor. Marc specialises in defending historical rape cases that have their particular difficulties for us as your defence lawyer. In preparing our clients for trial we adopt an intensive strategic critical-fact-analysis approach. Creating doubt in the mind of the jury The critical aspect of our approach is to thoroughly prepare our cross examination questions designed to create doubt in the minds of the jury about the truthfulness of the complainant’s evidence and to otherwise discredit the witness as being unreliable and therefore someone not to be believed. Marc is an experienced legal advocate dedicated to protecting your legal rights. He has accumulated thousands of appearances in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Children’s Court. Marc was formerly with the Legal Aid Commission of WA Criminal Division and before that he enjoyed a long and successful international career with various agencies within the United Nations. He has taught Criminal Law and Advanced Criminal Law at University level. He is a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association. An interest in all manner of legal subjects Aside from defending historical sex matters, Marc has an eclectic interest across a range of legal subjects. He is particularly interested in defending complex cases in the District Court as well conducting defended hearings following CCC and ASIC investigations in the District Court or Federal Court depending upon the nature of the alleged crime. He also appreciates the technical complexity associated with defending dangerous driving causing death trials and the bringing together of various technical experts in preparing the defence case. Helping you with your legal problems Marc offers a wealth of legal and negotiating experience to help you with your legal problems and deal with State and Federal police and prosecuting authorities as well as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and Corruption and Crime Commission. When you need an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Perth or Western Australia, please get in touch with the team here. Call now on 0422 656 589 to discuss your legal needs. We can offer an initial over the phone assessment of your legal situation FREE of charge.


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