Eye Kandy Productions

Address: 30 Production Drive Campbellfield VIC 3061

Phone: 1300 381 918

Description: Andrew Franklin started his signwriting apprenticeship in 1988, at a time when computers were just beginning to become the tool of a signwriter. He spent much of the first ten years painting signs the old fashioned way. This paved the way for an interest in automotive paints, custom painting and airbrushing vehicle graphics. Eye Kandy Productions was conceived in 1998, and started life in a shop in Alexandra Parade, Collingwood in Melbourne. There Andrew enjoyed some moderate success creating vehicle graphics and signage, while working alongside a screenprinter. Merinda Beasley, a talented graphic designer, walked in as a customer one day and eventually began a long working relationship with EKP as their senior designer. Andrew put the business into hiatus for about ten years, starting in 2000, to work in the caravan industry building caravans. In 2010 he brought EKP back to life, to start creating caravan graphics for a caravan industry that was experiencing a period of booming sales. By 2020, EKP has become a well known name in caravan graphics and signage. With a creative and dedicated team of people, state-of-the-art equipment and factories, we aim to be one of Australia’s leading companies for signs, designs and digital graphics. We are very proud of our accumulated knowledge and experience, and are looking forward to many more years in the sign industry.

Website: https://ekp.com.au

Category: Sign Writer

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