Feather and Bone

Address: Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone: (02) 9818 2717

Description: Guaranteed provenance. Full transparency. No exceptions. Our goal is to for everyone to only eat meat that comes from pasture-raised animals grown on regenerative farms that contribute to the overall health of the planet. When you buy meat grown by these farmers, you're playing an active role in supporting better land, animal and human welfare. We use every part of every animal and promote the idea of balanced diet. We exclusively source whole, pasture-raised animals directly from local farms - no boxed meat - and we visit every farm so we can give you chapter and verse about where your meat comes from and how it lived and died. We practice the traditional craft of dry-aging our meat and you can buy online, pick up from our shop or join us for a butchery class. Our job is to provide a direct line of sight from the producer to the consumer. This requires transparency and a rigorous commitment to education and the facts. Everything you buy from us is labelled with the farm and the br

Website: http://www.featherandbone.com.au

Category: Butcher