New Directions Dentistry

Address: Suite 7, 29 Florence Street Teneriffe QLD 4005

Phone: 0733397988

Description: New Directions Dentistry offers general dentistry in Queensland, Australia. We take a holistic approach to general dentistry and will recommend natural therapies where possible. We also focus on nutrition which is a major influence on dental health. We strongly emphasises mercury safe, mercury free, restorative dentistry using biocompatible materials, therefore does not support the use of amalgam 'mercury' fillings. We provide a range of dental treatments including: • General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Teeth Whitening • Ozone in Dentistry • Implant Crowns and Maintenance • Oral Surgery • Same Day Ceramic Crowns with the latest CADCAM 3D technology To get quality dental treatments in Queensland contact us today or check online on our website.


Category: Dentist

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