Nimble Nerds By Appoitment

Address: Level 17/9 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 8091 0815

Description: We’re here to assist small businesses and home users with anything tech! Always keen to answer any enquiries with estimates of time and cost without obligation. Sometimes with simple hassles we can provide some insight over the phone or chat. The essence of our growth has been in the firm belief of striving to provide outstanding value to our clients in a friendly, patient and efficient manner. From the philosophy of Gary Vee, Kerwin Rae, Shakti Durga, Tony Robbins & Jocko Willink the culture perpetuated within the organisation thrives on empathy, responsibility of outcome and striving to give value to the most financially efficient extent possible. Nimble Nerds has grown to serve thousands of clients over the last 6 years and has grown to a strong, cohesive team of 7 with a wide range of technical expertise. The skills range from customised gaming machine builders to graduates in computer science to network engineers to audio engineers to digital marketers.


Category: Computer Repair

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