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Description: Lawn Mowers is the most important gardening tool to maintain the outlook and enhance its beauty, a yearly repair or re-check is mandatory as to keep your lawn healthy and well-maintained. Keeping the blade sharp as well as a well-cared for engine, will keep your mower humming for years to come. Below are some important tips to be followed in maintaining your lawn: SAFETY FIRST: Carry out maintenance on mower only when engine is cold. Spark plug has to be disconnected and throttle must be in the off position before initiation of any maintenance work, now you are safe to proceed. SEMI-ANNUAL CLEANINGS: Possibility exists that you forget to re-check or clean your mower regularly, but as to avoid any damage, it should be a routine to check it a couple of times. Debris has to be removed that is stuck beneath the mower deck and then sprayed completely as to get the proper friction and movements and then scrub with brush and soap and finally rinse with water.


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