Sound Proof Windows

Address: 80 Stanton Grove Lilydale VIC 3140

Phone: 1300 127 173

Description: Secondary glazing or double glazing existing windows & doors is not only cheaper than traditional double glazing, but provides better soundproofing. And, once manufactured, it only takes around one hour to install each secondary glazed window or door ... and we GUARANTEE it will be draft proof! Sound Proof Secondary Double Glazing can strengthen your windows, provide insulation from heat & cold, eliminate drafts and reduce outside noise from coming into your home or office. More and more people are becoming aware of the soundproofing, thermal efficiency draft elimination benefits to be gained from double glazing windows & doors and now the additional convenience & cost savings to be made with retrofitted secondary double glazing of windows & doors. Because we retrofit double glazing to existing windows, we can double glaze ... Vertical or horizontal sliding windows, Leadlight windows, Bay windows, Colonial windows, Sash windows or double hung windows, Steel windows (Crittle Frames) (our system was designed with these windows in mind) & Stained glass windows. For soundproofing doors, reduced drafts & thermal efficiency, we offer secondary double glazed doors as an alternative to traditional double glazed doors. For glass sliding doors, patio doors or french doors, it is not only cheaper than traditional double glazing doors, but is also much less disruptive & quicker to install.


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