Viridian New World Glass

Address: Woodville North SA 5012

Phone: (08) 8348 9200

Description: When you’ve been doing something for a long time, it becomes more than just a job! This is absolutely true when it comes to glass here at Viridian. For us glass is not just our business, it’s our passion. For over 160 years we’ve been operating in Australia. In that time we’ve helped shape the way Australians think about glass, from being just a functional building product to something that adds value to our homes and our lives. We know that natural light creates healthier, happier and more connected spaces. We also know that demand for comfortable and more energy efficient spaces is growing. Glass can help solve building challenges when it comes to natural light, comfort and thermal efficiency – and this is what excites and inspires us. Today, we are the largest glass processor in Australia. We continue our passion for glass by leading the industry for quality and innovation, supporting our customers and the wider community in accessing and understanding the benefits of ch


Category: Glazier